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Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

There's no denying that the art of submission has had a role in the 20 years of UFC history, which is we are showing you the greatest ground game wins in the Octagon!

BULLYPROOF Kid Wins Schoolyard Fight With PERFECT Armbar! (Gracie Breakdown)

A BULLYPROOF kid is someone who avoids the fight at all costs, but when physically attacked, defends themselves using jiu-jitsu! In this video, a young jiu-jitsu practitioner is literally pushed...

Executing The Perfect Arm Bar When You Are Out Sized

This video demonstrates how effective Brazilian Jujitsu is when a technique is executed perfectly. The little guy weighs 125 pounds dripping wet. His opponent has a 50 pound weight advantage....

How to do Basic Armbar Submissions | No Gi Grappling

This is a (No Gi) Grappling tutorial that covers basic arm bar / arm lock submission techniques from mount position that are useful in sport competitions. For more tutorials on no gi grappling,...

Finishing the Arm Bar Technique | MMA Fighting

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The 7 Deadly Wrist Locks

For more videos like this you can become one of our exclusive members on and learn directly from one of the worlds leading experts on strangulations, bottlenecks,...

Cop Applies PERFECT ARMBAR on MUCH Larger Suspect!

Share if you think this is how it should be done! UPDATE: GST courses are now open to all active-duty first responders (Police, Firefighters, EMTs). Upcoming 5-day Gracie Survival Tactics...

MMA broken arm, nasty arm bar break!

Watch local Sponsored MMA fighter Rick "Boomer" Reger in his first amateur fight. This is what happens when you dont tap to an arm bar!

How to lock up an aggressive opponent?

Master Wong answers bnsgoku questions (who is from India) on how he uses his system to answer general combat questions. If you have questions to ask Master Wong subscribe to our website to...

Spinning Inverted Armbar with BJJ Red Belt Paulo Strauch

Check out a sick spinning inverted armbar or omoplata when your opponent stacks you from the armbar position. Paulo Strauch is a red belt in BJJ and has raised notable fighters such as Caio...

5 BJJ Submissions You Should Know: Chokes & Locks

Here are 5 BJJ chokes and locks that everyone should know how to do. Certain grappling submissions require little strength, and can be executed on bigger opponents. Stay safe, everyone! More...

MMA broken arm! Nasty breaks & fighters that don't tap out!

This video showcases some fights where Mixed martial artists don't have the words "give up" in their vocabulary. Check out the artists who made the songs in this video; Main Backing track...


Chris Pruden Flying Armbar World Championships Newark NJ.

Choking with leg while person is fighting armbar.

How to Do an Arm Bar | MMA Fighting

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Ronda Rousey Puts Jimmy Fallon in an Armbar

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Top 5 Submissions By Frank Mir -THE BEST MMA

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wow, what a video game move.

Rose Namajunas-Flying Armbar

Rose Namajunas executes a Flying Armbar on Kathina Catron.

Strikeforce - Tate vs. Rousey Recap - Strikeforce on SHOWTIME - Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey

The official recap of the March 3rd match for the Strikeforce women's bantamweight belt between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Watch Rousey's win over Tate by armbar submission.

Sneaky Armbar Escape

Stephan Kesting teaches a sneaky armbar escape you can use in BJJ, Judo, MMA or submission grappling. Download Stephan's free book on learning BJJ fast at

Self defence How to escape from armlock

Self defence How to escape from armlock Subscribe for more videos, click here: Get the course now on Udemy:

Tony Cecchine Catch Wrestling, Lost Art of Hooking - Fight Arm Locks

Catch Wrestling armbars are some of the most brutal you will ever find. They are designed to take your opponent out quickly. Learn Top wristlock, double wristlock, spinning double wristlock,...

Armbar from clinch, used as a takedown

A cool takedown / submission, it's definatly basic but it's effective against taller guys if you get them in the right position.

Frank Mir MMA Jiu jitsu Top 5 UFC fight highlight 2015

Here are my top 5 favorite MMA submissions by Frank Mir. Frank Mir fights for the UFC in the heavyweight division and a long time UFC fighter. He is a true pioneer of the sport of mixed martial...

Greatest Submission in MMA/UFC History | Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg Explained

Here I will talk about and break down the insane submission pulled off by one of the Greatest Fighters of All Time in Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. How did DJ set the armbar up? Where...

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi.

Roger Gracie, Armbar From Cross Collar Setup: Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, Issue #27.

Guess who's back? Roger Gracie hasn't competed in jiu-jitsu since Metamoris 1 in 2012 since he's been focusing on his MMA career; however, he has intentions of returning to compete in super...

Insane BJJ Flying Armbars Compilation

Compilation of the greatest flying armbars! Subscribe for more BJJ videos. Support this channel: -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

CRAZY Helicopter Armbar in MMA + Helicopter TRIANGLE! (Gracie Breakdown)

Twenty-year-old Brazilian, Thiago Moises landed a spectacular Helicopter Armbar to take home the lightweight belt at Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) on Friday, February 19th! Ryron and...

Setting up S Mount Armbar with an Americana

Setting up S-Mount Armbar with an Americana Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy/Fight Hub HQ is located at: 1140 N State Road 135, Suite P Greenwood, IN 46142 317-946-944...

The Easiest Way to Teach the Armbar from Guard

The easiest way to teach someone how to do the armbar from the guard. In this video I break the technique down in the context of teaching kids, but it also works for adults too. More info...

My Bread and Butter Armbar Escape

BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting teaches a simple 4-step armbar escape for BJJ, MMA & Submission Grappling. Download his free guide to learning BJJ fast at

A Fast and Sneaky Armbar from Cross Side

A fast armbar from the cross side position by BJJ black belt Ritchie Yip. More techniques by Ritchie at and more techniques by Stephan at

Gracie Insider July 2006 Technique of the Month- Armlock Ryron and Rener Gracie From the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Torrance, CA demonstrate how to effectively catch an armlock from the mount and then break the grip....

10 Ways to Finish the Armbar

Stephan Kesting from shows you 10 ways to finish armbar you can use when your opponent links his hands together to block your initial armbarring attempt.

Black Belt Breakdown: Armbars (Rener Gracie w/ Alex Stuart)

In jiu-jitsu, the black belt is where the real learning begins. After several years of rolling like every round is a death-match, the student gets a black belt and realizes (far too late) that...

Armbar To Triangle Transition | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques | BJJ Video | Alliance MMA Now that we have our armbar from the guard, we're going to go over our combination. I always...

Advanced MMA ArmBar to Leg Lock Transitions

http:\\ This is my favorite arm bar transition.

How to Do the Rolling Arm Bar | MMA Fighting

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Daily BJJ: Armbar from Mount

Taught by Jaime Jara at Carnage BJJ class. Follow @carnagebjj to get new video updates.

Armbar From Side Control by Demian Maia

Armbar From Side Control by Demian Maia "Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora - MG, Brazil at the age...

How to Do Inverted Arm Lock from Guard | MMA Submissions

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Flying armbar... unbelievable !

One of my grappling fights in France: my opponent (his name is Dara Nhang, fighter from Bushido Academy Lyon) won with an amazing flying armbar... enjoy !

Biting vs Armbar ft. Dartanian Bagby

If your arm's about to get broken, can you bite the attacker's leg and make him let go? Professor Dartanian Bagby shows me what really happens if you bite. Dartanian Bagby, one of the old school...

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