Blocking Techniques

People Fight Protesters Blocking Highway

Guy gets out of his car and fights the people blocking the highway protesting. Please Checkout my Gofundme page anything is appreciated Subscribe.

WHY BLOCKING IS USELESS! A Las Vegas Cop Issues a Challenge and Teaches Some Lessons

So you've mastered over 20 kinds of defensive blocks? Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those techniques may be futile. Chad Lyman is not only a police and military instructor...

How To Win A Street Fight WIth Head Movement, Learn Simple (But Awesome) Street Fighting Techniques You can learn how to win a street...

Fighting Mentality - Blocking vs Striking - Parvez Alam, FIGHTING FOR LIVES


TOP 3 MISTAKES People Make When Blocking Knife Attacks!!!

The Best Knife Defense strategy requires an understanding of the psychology of knife attacks. Please watch: This week we look at 3 SIMPLE MISTAKES in how to defend...

Sucker Punch Analysis: 3 Critical Facts You MUST Know!!! [Fight SCIENCE BREAKDOWN]

Sucker Punch Analysis: How to fight and Defend Yourself in extreme circumstances. This week we discuss the interaction between (1) Tunnel Vision brought about by Stress, (2) Body, and (3)...

Self-Defense Real Truth: Blocking For Sport vs. Combat

Discover the truth behind real self-defense techniques for real life encounters and why learning "sport" techniques can get you killed or seriously injured. Come to

Blocking a Haymaker Punch

Jason was playing an unhealthy amount of Fight Night Round 3 and Brian started to get nervous with all of his haymaker talk. So Brian tracked down the one guy in Austin who could help protect...

Do not Punch in a Street Fight - EP 2

Do not Punch in a Street Fight - EP 2 Want to improve your skills further? Register today to my online class! Use this link for special discount of 82% ▻ Real Wing Chun...

Secrets of Karate: Functional Blocking

A demonstration of functional blocking techniques and a gun threat defense from karate, using neglected but highly effective principles. For much more, visit

Okinawan Karate Master - Inflicting Pain While Blocking

Subscribe - Blocking in Karate means attacking and defending at the same time. An Okinawan Karate Master teaches his students how to correctly do a block. - kyokushinbul.

Chi Energy Punch Blocking Fail

Man attempts to block punches with chi energy. It goes pretty much like you expect. We believe this is from Russia but don't have a source on that, so leave any info you have in the comments....

Defensive blocking Drills for Inside Fighting

Defensive Blocking drills. Learn More at

How To Get Around A Blocking Opponent In Dragonball FighterZ | A Beginners Guide

How do I beat someone that blocks in dragonball Fighterz? Well that is a question with a lot of answers, to get the full picture of how beating an opponent in dragonball fighterz works we have...

How to Do Blocking & Attacking Patterns | Shaolin Kung Fu

Like these Kung Fu Tutorials !!! Check out the official app Watch more How to Do Shaolin Kung Fu videos:

Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Crane Kung Fu Kick Blocking Techniques

Learn Kung Fu Crane techniques to block a kick for self defense training, in this free video. Expert: Ike Bear Bio: Grand Master Ike Bear began his training in the martial arts field in 1968,...

Kumite Drill: Back Hand Blocking

Most karate-ka prefer to block with their front hand, using their rear hand as their striking hand. Yet in self defence, its pivotal a student can defend with both hands. This drill focuses...

Sword form Blocking Techniques CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS 521-A N. Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 843-7916.

HOW TO : Tai Chi Blocking & Attacking (Rollback & Strike)

See all of Glenn's videos: Connect with Glenn: Purchase full instructional...

Todai Ninjutsu Training vs Combat - Blocking - Shihan Matthew Woodard, 15th dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and former police officer, shows how to apply training and techniques to real world/modern fighting. Todai...

Blocking Dead: FULL ANIMATION (Minecraft Animation) [Hypixel]

The full animation of Blocking Dead, a Minecraft animation based on the Hypixel minigame. The Derp crash lands in a plane and must team up with other survivors and fight hordes of zombies...

MCoC RoL blocking fighting style

MCoC RoL blocking fighting style - white dots on the screen shows position of my thumbs, pay attention to how i swipe back every time ws does his combo, more visible after 2:10.

TKD Sparring Tips: Blocking


How to defend against a front kick

How to defend against a front kick Subscribe for more videos, click here: Another simple and straight forward lesson from Master Wong. Front kick to the...

How to destroy the punch with your elbow

How to destroy the punch with your elbow - wing chun Subscribe for more videos, click here: Get the course now on Udemy:

Blocking in Kendo (How to beat a blocker) - The Kendo Show

NEW EPISODE* - Blocking in Kendo (How to beat a blocker) - The Kendo Show In this BRAND NEW episode, Andy is joined by Max, at the wonderful Shubukan Dojo, to talk about blocking, and how...

EA Sports UFC - Blocking is almost useless on this patch - 3 Fights

These 3 fights show almost how useless blocking and side stepping can be with this latest patch due to blocking taking away more stamina than from winging strikes.

Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 1 - Pocket Kukri (Cold Steel Rajah 2) Blocking as Attack

A lecture on tactical knife fighting skills, using a Cold Steel Rajah 2 and Cold Steel Kukri Machete to demonstrate the theories. This lecture here demonstrates how to block while attack and...

Sartell Native Fights Distracted Driving With Cellphone Signal Blocking Device [VIDEO]

With cell phone addiction becoming an increasing problem on Minnesota roads, a Sartell native is trying to break chain in distracted driving crashes. ~~~ If you're new, Subscribe! -- http://tinyu...

Facebook fights ad blocking

FBN's Nicole Petallides on Facebook's fight against ad blockers.

The Internet CEO - How To Fight by Slipping, Evading and Blocking Punches

The Internet CEO effectively teaches how someone can protect themselves by using simple but devasting techniques that literally anyone can do.........................

Blocking Drill In this video, we look at a basic martial arts blocking drill.

Combative Blocking

In this video I go over blocks that work at close range, in other words street fighting close. The blocks are easy to do and are gross motor in action which makes them great movements when...

Incredible Perfect Blocking Against A Spammer! (Burcol vs FreudLima) - Xenoverse Online Fights!

This felt pretty good. Xenoverse Online Fights Playlist! - Join my PS4 community! -

Perfect Blocking vs Imperfect Spamming (Burcol vs xalex29) - Xenoverse Online Fights!

I guess this is a good way to practice perfect blocking for an occasion when it's actually important. SUBSCRIBE HERE! - Join my PS4...

ip Man Destroy the Boxer - Wing Chun

Did Ip Man manage to destroy a boxer with his wing chun skills? Who knows! But in this video Master Wong talks about how effective wing chun can be no matter who the opponent is. The harder...

The Fight: Lights Out - vs a guy blocking his head all the time(online fight)

LOL People are very funny online more fights here The Fight ps3 gameplay online match.

BASIC home karate training, fighting punching blocking


Blind man fights HOA over fence blocking him from bus stop

A blind man said he's suing his homeowner's association after a fence they put up blocked his access to public transportation.

Mortal Kombat XL [Player Matches] [Online Fights] [Blocking Farts]

Fighting Bo' Rai Cho means blocking farts, enjoy! lol.

Minecraft: The Blocking Dead - Zombie Fist Fights! (Crafting Dead Mod)

Back with more Minecraft: Blocking Dead! I can't stop dying! :(

Flying Knee Blocking | Muay Thai Training | Fight Vision

Sponsor: Marsquest™ Marsquest™ was created to provide sunglasses of superior quality at reasonable prices. The Momentum collection was designed for the athletes, the amateurs, the challengers,...

1 Unique Veggie That Fights Belly Fat By Blocking Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are a hormone disruptor that and when hormones become disrupted pretty all fat burning shuts down. This one unique vegetable blocks xenoestrogens so that you can continue to...

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