European Kendo Championship - Men final fight, Gdynia, 8.05.2011

European Kendo Championship - Men final fight, Gdynia, 8.05.2011 Sandor Dubi (HUN) - Fabrizio Mandia (ITA) 1:0.

Best of Kendo ~ Awesome ~

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sword fight, freestyle kendo

free style sword fight. sword is sponge on shinai.

2012 All Japan Kendo Championships - Final

Final match between Kiwada (White, Osaka) and Uchimura (Red, Tokyo)

Kendo in High Speed Camera(Slow Motion)

This Kendo clip is from Japan Public Broadcasting's documentary on " A Human's reaction ablitiy".The show includeded a short track start,Pro Baseball batter and Light weight Boxcer as well....

Grandmasters kendo match at NJ Kendo Academy

Visiting Grandmaster Kakehashi (8th Dan) sparring with Grandmaster Seong (7th Dan, owner of the NJ kendo academy) in an exhibition match. Also in attendance were Grandmaster Kato (8th Dan,...

Expert saber sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden

Impressive fighting skills at work. There is a reason why these guys teach swordsmanship, they are amazing. This match took place at the Blood & Iron historical martial arts school in New...

Kendo Basics : Fighting Stance, or Kamae and Sonkyo - The Kendo Show

Support The Kendo Show, and help us produce better quality episodes more frequently - In this episode of The Kendo Show, host Andy Fisher takes us through...

The Last Samurai - kendo training

sword training - battle precognition / from "The Last Samurai"

Practice Kendo At Home

Support me for more videos Kendo for Life Training at home is very important. But there are things that we should pay attention...

Jedi Have Epic Kendo Swordfight With Lightsabers (Storyful, Extreme Sports)

The traditions of Japanese martial arts date back hundreds of years, but practicing kendo with lightsabers gives this sword battle a modern twist! Jedis may not wear keikogi to battle, but...

Kendo 3 vs 1, Free Fighting

THIS IS NOT KENDO. I put that as the title because my friends call it kendo sticks and I got tired of correctly them. So don't think I don't respect the sport or the art. This is just us,...

Kendo Kid: After 1 year of Kendo Lesson

1 ปีผ่านไปกับเคนโด สามารถฟันได้ต่อเนื่อง แต่มีแผ่วตอนปลาย It has been a year of kendo...

Kendo「剣道」- Amazing First Semifinal Match - 62nd All Japan Kendo Championship [VID:20141103002]

62nd All Japan Kendo Championship - First Semifinal Match is between (畠中) Hatakenaka vs Takenouchi (竹ノ内). This match whao the audience and took everyone by surprise! Visit Zen Sankei's...

SAO - Kirito And Suguha Spar

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Kendo 9th Dan Keiko

50th AJKC Demo.

Kendo Master Battles His Students at Samurai Exhibit

Shozo Kato, the highest-ranked Kendo master in the US, demonstrates pre-battle meditation as well as the most lethal Kendo strikes at the Museum of the City of New York on Thursday, July 15.

Kendo fighting with drone camera

Local girls demo fight while flying drone around them.

Kendo vs Kenjutsu

kenjitsu fight with wooden swords.

Kendo Match 2017 AUSKF National Championships: Men's Finals

Kendo Match 2017 AUSKF National Championships in San Jose, CA. The Finals of the Men's Division. Between SCKF and MWF #Kendo #AUSKF.

52nd All Japan Kendo Championships Finals

This is my favorite video clip of the 52nd All Japan Kendo Championships. -Finals Harada Satoru(White) vs Suzuki Tsuyoshi(Red)

Naginata v. Kendo Exhibition

Naginata v. kendo demonstration at Butokuden, Irvine.

Kendo fight recorded by camera glasses

West L.A. Kendo Dojo with Seung Yoo.

Samurai vs. Fencing Sparring Swordfight. The Exchange- Smashbox Studios

An experiment and discovery in swordplay between a Japanese Samurai Kendo Master and a Collegiate European Fencing Champion. East vs. West, Asian vs European, Swordfighting, fencing styles,...

Best of kendo ~ People are awesome ~ 剣道一本集

You should know the goodness of kendo brackets. Kendo is a martial arts very cool. I think I want to spread the goodness of kendo brackets to the world 剣道の一本集です。初の動画ア...

Naginata vs Kendo, Enbu Taikai Kyoto (2012) - Fight 444

444: 高田まりこ (大阪) 薙刀 - 小山田敏 (宮崎) Facebook:

sword fight, freestyle kendo 2014-08-03 (3 Man)

Real Samurai Sword Technique. free style sword fight. sword is sponge on shinai.

Kendo fencing fighting expert

Kendo fencing fighting expert -Kendo fencing fighting expert Thank you for watching our video. All comments, your comments will help us develop more . Impressive fighting skills at work....

Women Kendo Championships 2010 - Final

The 49th All Japan Women's Kendo Championships Final.

European Kendo Championships 2017 - Final Men Individual - Ito (FRA) vs Fritz (CZE)

28. European Kendo Championships 2017 in Budapest. Video made by kendo-sport, the Kendo Onlineshop. Sponsor of the European Kendo Championships. Results Men Individual:...

64th All Japan Kendo Championships — Final

64th All Japan Kendo Championships November 3, 2016 - Nippon Budokan Final Katsumi (Kanagawa) vs. Kunitomo (Fukuoka)

Moonraker Kendo Fight Scene

james bond fights a bad guy in moonraker.

Kendo Fighting Styles : Martial Arts Training

Subscribe Now: Watch More: There are many different Kendo fighting styles for you to choose...

TJ Dillashaw vs. Aubrey Marcus - It's a Sword Fight!

Bantamweight MMA Champ TJ Dillashaw squares off against middleweightish samurai enthusiast Aubrey Marcus for a duel to the death... errr not really. As head coach Duane Bang looks on with...

【TVPP】Siwan, Kwanghee(ZE:A) - Kendo Fight! , 시완, 광희(제아) - 검도대결 시완 vs 광희 @ Standby

【TVPP】Siwan, Kwanghee(ZE:A) - Kendo Fight! , 시완, 광희(제아) - 검도대결 시완 vs 광희 @ Standby ZE:A #051 : Kwanghee of ZE:A appeared at 'Standby' as a cameo who is cousin...


Impressive fighting skills at work. There is a reason why these guys teach swordsmanship, they are amazing. This match took place at the Blood & Iron historical . An experiment and discovery...

KENDO: Japanese Sword Fighting アメリカ人留学生の剣道体験

Had a kendo lesson with the university's kendo club! アメリカ人の留学生たちが剣道をやってみました!^^ MAIN ACCOUNT FACEBOOK...

Kendo Fight

Kendo Fight. please rate well and comment.

Kendo vs. Escrima

One of the fights of our 13. Sparrings Meeting. Another attempt to further develop the skills for thos weapon pairing. Jaques l'eau froi and RickiRKR checked it out first time. éau.

Kendo Fight Mockup

previsualization. I choreographed this Kendo fight mockup. Opposite me is Atony Matos, a great screen fighter.

2017 Imperial Kendo Team Balloon fight

Imperial Kendo Society end of year Kendo balloon fight.

my first Kendo fight on a big Tournament

This is my first fight on a big tournament. And yeah i was really bad at it. How ever the weekend was really fun and next year i will win my first fight :)

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