Why I Started CombatFights.com

Why? To simply share my love for full-contact sports. I am a HUGE fan of boxing, MMA, kickboxing, muay thai, (and the list goes on). I hope you enjoy the collection of videos highlighting the amazing sport and art of fighting. ~Admin

Can I submit videos?

Sorry. All videos are selected from YouTube. If you have a great video you'd like to share on CombatFights.com, simply upload it to YouTube and it just might end up on our site!

Do you host your videos?

Nope. All videos are embedded from external services such as YouTube. If there is a copyright dispute, please click the "source" link under the video in question and file a report directly with YouTube. Once it's handled on the YouTube end, it'll disappear on our end automatically.

How can I contact CombatFights.com?

You may reach us at Twitter or Facebook.

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