Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

There's no denying that the art of submission has had a role in the 20 years of UFC history, which is we are showing you the greatest ground game wins in the ...

Flying Submissions | Compilation

Compilation of Flying submissions in Bjj / Sambo / MMA.

Rose Namajunas-Flying Armbar

Rose Namajunas executes a Flying Armbar on Kathina Catron.

Flying Triangle Submission from award winning producer 2PLAY

Mobo award winning music producer defeats Danny Fletcher with an amazing Flying triangle submission to take his pro winning streak to 4-0.

How to do a Flying Triangle Choke: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques

Keith Owen (and Dylan Owen) demonstrates the Flying Triangle Choke. Keith Owen is a black belt in BJJ under Professor Pedro Sauer. Visit Keith's site: ...

Flying Submissions Highlight

"They hardly ever work... but they look cool"

Insane BJJ Flying Armbars Compilation

Compilation of the greatest flying armbars! Subscribe for more BJJ videos. Support this channel: ...

The Flying Triangle with Brian "T-City" Ortega!

Ty and Brian show you a risky flying triangle.

BJJ: ONE Champion Shinya Aoki's 3 Flying Submissions | Evolve University Evolve University is the largest world championship online university for martial arts. In this video, ONE Lightweight World Champion ...

Masters of Flying Submissions

Masters of Flying Submissions Rumina Sato Shinya Aoki Vinny Magalhaes Daisuke Nakamura.

MMA Jiujitsu Flying Armbar

Amazing Jiujitsu Flying Armbar in mma match. An amazing submission not often seen in mixed martial arts combat.

青木 真也 Shinya Aoki MMA Jiu jitsu TOP 5 Highlight 2015

Here are my top 5 favorite MMA submissions by Shinya Aoki 青木 真也. Shinya Aoki, a.k.a. Tobikan Judan (The Grand Master of Flying Submissions), is currently ...

EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 Flying Armbar Submission Victory!

No better way to win than with a flying armbar! EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3!/en-us/tid=CUSA06536_00.


Welcome to your FIGHT CAMP! In this training session we look at how to apply some of the craziest submissions in MMA and that's the flying armbar and the ...

Rumina Sato's Fly Armbar

Perfect submission. Complete offers and tasks to win free steam games, amazon gifts, CD's, console games, pc games, books, gift cards and more.


Welcome to another Fight Camp video! In this video I teach you guys how to pull off the sexy flying triangle!! Enjoy and let me know what else you want to see!

How NOT to do a Flying Armbar | LiveTheMachLife

We check out how not to do a flying armbar, so then you can do one properly :) Subscribe to LiveTheMachLife: Watch FULL Series: ...


Chris Pruden Flying Armbar World Championships Newark NJ.

Martial Arts in Slow Motion 6: Jiujitsu Flying Arm Bar

Rickson Cup Gold Medalist Joshua Walters demonstrating a Jiu Jitsu Flying Arm Bar.

Flying Armbar

Video from the Classic Armbars Series taught by 2nd degree black belt Thadeu Vieira

Flying Triangle in MMA fight at BAMMA 8

flying triangle against TUF 9 veteran Dean Amasinger.

MMA Rarest & Fastest Submission - Flying Armbar Amazing

MMA fighting pulls off the back to win within seconds! AMAZING!

EA SPORTS UFC 2: How to Do Flying & Standing Submissions

Learn how to do flying & standing submissions in EA SPORTS UFC 2 using this tutorial. Find out how to do flying submissions in career or with your favorite UFC ...

Flying Triangle!!!

November First Friday Fights Flying Triangle choke.


wow, what a video game move.

EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2 Flying Armbar Submission

EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2!/en-us/tid=CUSA01968_00.

Top 10 UFC Submissions of All Time

From Rhonda Rousey's submission to Cat Zingano by Straight Armbar to Anderson Silva's submission to Chael Sonnen by Triangle Armbar, these are the Top ...

How to do a FLYING Omoplata | BJJ SAMBO

SUBSCRIBE - Submission Radio Technique of the Week - How to do a Flying Omoplata for Gi BJJ & Sambo, demonstrated by ...

Ultimate Royce Gracie: Final Fight

Every mixed martial artist in the world owes Royce Gracie, the original and three-time UFC tournament champion, a debt of gratitude. A true pioneer and UFC ...

Flying Submissions - (with slow motion) | Pietro Di Rauso |

Flying Submissions training : armbar - triangle choke - leg sweep - omoplata (with slow motion) Don't forget to Subscribe to the channel, every week you'll find a ...

Demetrious Johnson’s flying armbar on Ray Borg | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST

Kenny Florian chose Mighty Mouse's flying armbar on Ray Borg at UFC 216 as his 2017 Submission of the Year for the Anik and Florian Podcast Awards.

Demetrious Johnson Flying Armbar

UFC 216: Ferguson vs. Lee was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship held on October 7, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in ...

UFC Undisputed 3: Flying Arm Bar Submission

Flying armbar using frank mir in ufc 3.

Flying Armbar 101: With Gi

Video brought to you by: Keith Owen shows the Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique on how to drill and practice getting the flying armbar ...

BJJ - How to Safely Practice the Flying Armbar - Firas Zahabi

The Flying Armbar can be a very surprising attack. Be sure to first learn how to practice it safely so that you avoid injury when learning this tricky move.

Kevin O'Hagan's Total Combat Systems - Flying Armbar

Tom O'Hagan shows a flying armbar submission from the clinch for MMA.

Unusual submissions in MMA

Here is a list of Unusual or Rarest submissions in MMA. Some of them happen only once in MMA history! Some of them are banned today and we never see it ...

The Greatest MMA Submissions in 2016

Our list of greatest man MMA submissions in 2016 without some big MMA organizations. This MMA submissions highlights include 20 great submissions some ...

How to do a Flying Submission - Ultimate Team - UFC 2

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True Fighters Mixed Martial Arts - Gold Medal Winner by Flying Triangle - Nathan Johre

True Fighter's MMA Elite Fight Team tapping out the competition with flying triangles even in white belt divisions. No Mercy. True Fighters Mixed Martial Arts www ...

MMA's Greatest flying submissions

UFC footage I do not own Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg.

flying triangle

Mitch Mellotti flying triangle.. 2004 Grapplers Quest.. Jokers Wild Fighting Academy.

Judo Flying Armbar

Impressive Flying Armbar during a Judo tournament.

EA UFC 3 Flying Armbar Tutorial Demetrious Johnson/Mighty Mouse 2018

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