Pancrase: Bas Rutten vs Wayne (Ken) Shamrock (1994)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 1 DVD.

Ken Shamrock vs Kazuo Takahashi - Pancrase: Truth 1

Ken Shamrock vs Kazuo Takahashi - Pancrase: Truth 1.

Ken Shamrock on Pancrase Fighting

Ken Shamrock on Pancrase Fighting UFC Hall of Famer, former UFC Champion & former WWE Superstar "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock ...

pancrase fight 1 partie 1 nicolas godin vs christophe picaud

gala mma pancrase du 28 JUIN 2009 a la ville le havre nicolas godin (champion du monde kempo) christophe picaut vainqueur du shooto 2008 hotblood ..

Bas Rutten vs Masakatsu Funaki 1996 9 7

1996.9.07 東京ベイNKホール キング・オブ・パンクラス・タイトルマッチ バス・ルッテン vs 船木誠勝 パンクラスの最新情報はコチラhttp://www.pancras...

King of Pancrase- Ken Shamrock Highlight

Ken Shamrock (28-15-2) is a mixed martial artist who fought for Pancrase, the UFC, and Pride. He was the first King of Pancrase as well as the first UFC Super ...

Pancrase: Minoru Suzuki vs Bas Rutten (1995)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 1 DVD.

Sem Schilt Pancrase free fights

Sem Schilt Pancrase. More free fight videos on for free.

Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock

Bas Rutten fighting Frank Shamrock in Pancrase. Good quality video with fighter intros.

MMA Oddities #7 - Minoru Suzuki's Last Pancrase Fight / Jushin Thunger Liger's Only MMA Fight

Jushin Thunger Linger, real name Keiichi Yamada, was lured into MMA to give Minoru Suzuki one last Pancrase fight. Was it any good? We find out.

Pancrase 1

Some early Shamrock and Bas Rutten fights. Enjoy.

Ken Shamrock vs Minoru Suzuki - Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 4

Ken Shamrock vs Minoru Suzuki - Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 4.

Bas Rutten knockouts

Bas Rutten Pancrase career knockouts.


Bas Rutten's legendary mma career highlights, knockouts and submissions. Almost every fight is from his Pancrase career + one fight from WFA.

Teenage Nate Diaz fights grown man in Pancrase rules bout

From 2002 - Wanna train like a Ninja? Check out Onnit supplements:


Pancrase fight entrainement

Apprendre les entrainements du Pancrase sur Initiez-vous aux techniques ...

Chael Sonnen talks about worked fights

Chael Sonnen shoots on fixed MMA fights. From Chael Sonnen on The Joe Rogan Experience # 216 Pride fixed fights.

MMA Oddities #9 - Oleg Taktarov's Only Pancrase Fight

Would you believe me if I told you Oleg Taktarov once fought in Pancrase? You should, because he did, and this is that fight. Please excuse the shit audio, I did ...

Aikido (Black) vs. MMA (Red)

Jack McGlaughlin, who trained Tomiki Aikido, tries his hand at Pancrase. His opponent, karate/catch wrestling fighter Ryushi Yanagisawa, has fought everybody ...

Pancrase : le combat libre

Initiez-vous aux techniques du combat libre et devenez un combattant très complet. Fred Rado, pionnier du Pancrase en Europe, nous montre dans son second ...

Pancrase: Masakatsu Funaki vs Frank Shamrock (1995)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 1 DVD.

「IQHL」Pancrase: Hybrid History - Chapter 1

Support IQHL: A HL series, covering the history of Pancrase.This has been in planing for a long time and after much work, I finally did it.

Pancrase: Rickson Gracie vs Masakatsu Funaki (2000)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 2 DVD.

JIGOKU Fighting Grand Prix - Debut Event 2018 - First EVER UK Pancrase Show

JIGOKU Fighting Grand Prix - Liverpool UK - 16th Sept 2018 Open weight Pancrase tournament. First time ever in the UK!

PANCRASE MMA Documentary HYBRID English subtitles パンクラス自主制作ドキュメンタリー映画公開!

Pancrase own autographed documentary movie MMA documentary HYBRID Published on June 1, 2013 Story The stage of the story is 'Pancrase 246' which ...

Bas Rutten's MMA Fighting Style EXPLAINED!

Super Seminars World Series▻ In this video, El Guapo himself breaks down his power style of fighting for ...

Pancrase: Bas Rutten vs Masakatsu Funaki (1996)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 1 DVD.

Pancrase: Minoru Suzuki vs Jushin Thunder Lyger (2002)

This fight is from the Pancrase: Best of Volume 2 DVD.

Bas Rutten's Career MMA Fight #1 vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa

Subscribe to Bas Rutten: View every fight from Bas Rutten's Career! Subscribe to the YouTube channel here:

Ken Shamrock Highlight

Former UFC heavyweight champion,first king of pancrase,hall of famer Ken Wayne Shamrock!

UFC new comer Jarred Brooks go wild after Pancrase fight in Tokyoパンクラス乱闘寸前ジョナサン・ブルックス問題シーン公開

Undefeated rising star Jarred Brooks, Pancrase Strawweight fighter, signed deal with the UFC and will compete in UFC 208 on Feb. 11 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Here ...

Hard Hit Old School Classic Pancrase Open Hand Rules Hikaro Sato

Pancrase Commentator for UFC Fight Pass! Formerly Plz Sub to & NOW MAKE SURE to ALSO RE-SUBscribe to the ...

Frank Shamrock vs. Takaku Fuke - Pancrase

A young Frank Shamrock continues his journey to the Pancrase championship finals with a match against the soft spoken Japanese fighter Takaku Fuke.

Pancrase 262 Fight Night Montage

Montage Pancrase 262 Fight Night Nov. 2 2014. What a great experience. Won via TKO at 4:34 Rnd 2. Hoping to fight for the King of Pancrase title in 2015!

Best MMA Knockouts of November 2017 (UFC, PANCRASE, ACB)

This video does not promotes violence. Video promotes best of MMA. NEW LIKE PiksiTV ON FACEBOK: Next video Best ...

1996.9.7 PANCRASE 『Frank Shamrock vs Yuki Kondo』

1996/9/7 東京ベイNKホール フランク・シャムロック vs 近藤有己 パンクラスの最新情報はコチラ

Vincent Pancrase Fight 1

coupe de bretagne multiboxe brest le 8/12. Vincent plassart, le marathonien du fight. après un victorieux match retour de Thai boxing. 1er combat vs PWS ...

Paul Lazenby took a real fight in Pancrase and wasn't sure if it was a work

Taken from episode 73 of The FightBox Podcast, Paul Lazenby talks about his first fight in the Pancrase promotion in Japan and not being sure beforehand if the ...

Pancrase Fight 2 du 24/04/2010

De beaux combats tout le long de ce gala.

Abe Daichi Pancrase fight 9/11/2016

At weigh ins, his opponent who were black belt in Jiujitsu has 34 fights tried to head buts and punch Abe. Abe calmly avoided and said " I hope you are ready for ...

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