Fedor Emelianenko showing the power of combat Sambo in MMA.

NAVY SEALs vs Russian Sambo, MMA fight !!!

in this fight coming on the ring Military guy with crazy strong vs street fighter. Генеральный партнер: Букмекерская контора "Марафон Бет" ...

Epic Fight! Combat Sambo. Taldiev (RUS) - Ivanov (BUL). World Sambo Championships 2016

Epic Fight! Combat Sambo. Taldiev (RUS) - Ivanov (BUL). World Sambo Championships 2016 - FIAS official web-site / официальный сайт ...

Championship of Russia on COMBAT SAMBO 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

Чемпионат России по боевому самбо 2012 Москва В Москве завершился 11-й чемпионат России по боевому самбо. Особ...

MMA vs Sambo (USA vs Russia) - Team MMA Fighting (TFC) ft Judo Champion Commentary

This is a fight from Team Fighting Championship (TFC). The United States (Peak Submission) fights Russia (Barbarians FT) from St. Petersburg. Who will win ...

Brutal knockout ! Combat sambo Europe champion vs muay tai World champion

Brutal knokcout by highkick! Lions Fights 2 Battle of two Capitals. Denis Goltsov - Europe combat sambo champion versus Yuri Gorbenko - World muay tai ...

Russian Spetsnaz Combat Sambo vs MMA USA Grappling Fighting

Наша группа в контакте Русский Стиль-Система Спецназ Наша Группа

Combat Sambo Vs Boxing (Amazing Knockout)

In this video two masters of their disciplined , decided to see which martial art is stronger.

Russian Combat Sambo vs American Wrestling

FULL FIGHT: Lowen Tynanes vs Rasul Yakhyaev This lightweight battle pit high level Russian Combat Sambo against traditional American Wrestling.


Origen, técnicas, estilos y prácticas del Combat Sambo. Aprende en Academia Spetsnaz la mejor técnica de defensa personal sin armas, Combat Sambo.

Best Sambo Moves Ever

Combat Sambo technique, submission & moves.

Combat Sambo Demonstration

Introductory Demonstration of Combat Sambo style techniques. Sambo has non-striking and striking styles, Sport Sambo which is just Jacket Wrestling, with ...

Combat Sambo

amazing sambo techniques promotional video from

🔷 Sambo/COMBAT sambo. Russian Сhampionship 2018. HIGHLIGHTS | Russian Bears

More videos: About the Russian STRONGMAN: Kirill SARYCEV - ...

Russia: Steven Seagal shows his aikido skills at Saratov Sambo tournament

Legendary Hollywood actor Steven Seagal showed his aikido fighting skills at the International Youth Sambo Tournament, in Saratov, Saturday. Video ID: ...

One Punch Match - Pride Fighting Legend Fedor Emelianenko in Combat Sambo

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial of the NetFlix of Fighting at: FACEBOOK - Like Us at: TWITTER - Follow us at: ...

MMA Russian Knockout Master(Sambo vs Wrestling)

Vovchanchyn is a retired Ukrainian mixed martial artist and kickboxer. After making his professional MMA debut in 1995, he won nine mixed martial arts ...

Sambo Vs KungFu (MMA Fight)

Bruce Lee,Jeet Kune Do,Martial Ats,Jun Fan Kung Fu,Lessons,Tutorials,Techniques,Skills,Self Defense,Kali,Dan Innosanto,Boxing,Kick Boxing,JKD,Close ...

Muay Thai vs Russian Sambo - Czech Republic v Russia (Team MMA Fight TFC Event 1 Fight 2)

A fight between Jungvolk of Russian and Prague Boys of the Czech Republic, courtesy of Team Fighting Championship (TFC). Watch this amazing fight, ...

Championship of Russia / COMBAT SAMBO 2017 / HIGHLIGHTS

Лучшие моменты с Чемпионата России по боевому самбо 2017 25 - 26 февраля 2017 НИЖНИЙ НОВГОРОД заходим в паблик...

The John Wick Throw - Stylish but Effective Sambo Takedown by Elliot Hill

Check out this sweet technique! Shot at Reilly Bodycomb's 3-day Rdojo camp at the Garden State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Illegal actions and techniques in sambo and combat sambo. Sambo rules FIAS

Illegal actions and techniques in sambo and combat sambo. Sambo rules (FIAS). - How to break grips ...


музыкальная композиция группы Drum Ecstasy / ЛУЧШИЕ моменты с КУБКА РОССИИ по САМБО 2016 в городе...

Fedor Emelianenko Last Emperor (Combat Sambo Fight)

Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko (Russian: Фёдор Влади́мирович Емелья́ненко, tr. Fyodor Vladimirovich Yemelyanenko, IPA born 28 September 1976) is a ...

World Sambo Championship \ Minsk 2012 \ COMBAT SAMBO \ HIGHLIGHTS

МУЗЫКАЛЬНАЯ КОМПОЗИЦИЯ группы \ DRUM ECSTASY \ за что им огромное спасибо.

Combat Sambo - Pokaz PWSZ 2014

Sambo-Systema Nowy Sącz, Astral Team, AZS PWSZ Nowy Sącz we wspólnym pokazie podczas Małopolskiej Nocy Naukowców 2014.

'Judo Knight' Putin shows off martial arts skills in wrestling bout

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has taken another step to boost his charisma by holding a wrestling session with members of Russia's national teams. The training ...

combat sambo

Combat Sambo workout in Russia.

Sambo vs BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Subscribe - A group of Russians and Brazilians battle it out to see which is the better grappling art. Russian Sambo vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Our ...

Combat Sambo Russian Cup 2013 FINALS Part 1

On September, 21 2013 in Moscow universal sports hall "Druzhba" the first Cup of Russia in Combat Sambo was held. Live Broadcast of the tournament was ...

FGHT.CLUB: Best of Sambo World Championship

Khabib nurmagomedov first lose fight (sambo)

the only one lose of khabib career.

Combat Sambo Bremen

Sambo competition in Bremen Germany of Borba Sambo and Combat Sambo. Winner of this fight from Villa Vital Trainer Stefan Buben.

Khabib Nurmagomedov - Next UFC Champion (Combat Sambo)

Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov is an undefeated Russian mixed martial artist of Avar ethnicity. He is a two time Combat Sambo World Champion, ...


MUSIC: UNDEFEATED Sambo FIGHTER in MMA, dismembering RIVALS as CHILDREN. Vovchanchyn is a retired Ukrainian mixed martial artist and kickboxer.

High Level Sambo

highlights from the FIAS Sport Sambo world championships in Morocco 2015.

SAMBO Combat HIGHLIGHTS / Sambo to MMA / Russian Fight Sport / Боевое самбо

Venez essayer le Sambo à Genève en Suisse ! Come to test Sambo in Geneva in Switzerland ! FSSDA GSDS.

Unbeliveable Fight! Combat Sambo RUS ws UKR. European Sambo Championships 2018 in Greece

Unbeliveable Fight! Combat Sambo NEMKOV Viktor (RUS) ws VOLOSHYNOV Anatolii (UKR). European Sambo Championships 2018 in Greece ___ ...

BJJ Scout: Khabib Nurmagomedov Meta Study - Combat Sambo in MMA (+ thoughts on Al Iaquinta match up)

Use my code "BJJSCOUT" to get 10% of your purchase at Also if you would like one of my old patches, do email me your receipt (using my code) ...

Sambo Wrestling Takedown From The Clinch - Silviu Vulc @ Phuket Top Team Silviu Vulc (Sambo/MMA/Boxing coach at Phuket Top Team) shows a simple and effective takedown from the clinch.

Russian Fighting Arts - Sambo , ARB (Army Hand to Hand Combat)

Sambo , Combat Sambo , ARB (Army Hand to Hand Combat ) Kettlebell Fighter conditionoing . All can be used in MMA and other Combat sports ...

How to throw the Fedor Punch AKA Sambo's casting punch

The Fight Nerd heads to NY Combat Sambo to breakdown and demonstrate how to throw a sambo style "casting punch", which is most notably used by Fedor ...

How to do a Sambo Sacrifice Throw | Combat & Street Sambo

SUBSCRIBE - Submission Radio Technique of the Week - How to do a Sambo Sacrifice Throw for Combat & Street Sambo ...

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